Dr. Wm. Robinson Plantation Museum
Circa 1690

Event Schedule 2016

May 14th & 15th
Civil War
10-4 & 8-10PM Sat
10-3 Sun

June 11th & 12th
10-5  & 8 -10PM Sat
10 -3 Sun

July & August

Civil War Reenactment & Encampment
Saturday, May 14 -- 10 - 4 & 8 - 10 PM
Sunday, May 15 -- 10 - 3 PM

Join us Saturday,10 - 4 PM & 8 - 10 PM and Sunday, 10 - 3 PM for a look back at the Civil War. Camping out for the weekend will be the 7th Virginia Civil War Reenactors to teach some history about the Civil War. They will be spending the weekend just as soldiers would have during the Civil War. They will have military drills, weapons inspections (11AM), full camp display, cooking and military life. On Saturday night will be candlelight tours of the camp and museum. Free admission and on-street parking available all weekend.

On street parking

593 Madison Hill Road, Clark NJ

Bloody Historical
Pirate Weekend

June 11 -- 10 - 5 & 8 - 10 PM
June 12 -- 10 - 3 PM

Pirates and pirate activity was not unknown to the Jersey Shore during the late 17th and early 18th Century. Join us at the Dr. Robinson Museum on June 11th &12th as Bloody Historical presents: Pirates of the Northern Star. Bloody Historical is both a historical and theatrical entertainment group for children and adults. They realistically portray people from specific time periods while physically interacting with the public to entertain and to educate. The group will be portraying pirates from the 17th & 18th Century and giving us a glimpse into the life of a pirate. Pirate props and displays will be on hand as the pirates set up camp and share pirate stories as you observe the them going about their day.

Dr Robinson House
                                          Clark NJ 1917
Doctor Office
The above picture was taken in 1917 when Edgar Smith owned the house.
These are just some of the artifacts on display. Many of these bottles were found buried in the yard or in the walls of the house.

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